Voyager 388, постройка из КИТ-набора.


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В общем, ничего необычного, строят и строят... Но есть нюанс.
Брюс им частично прислал не ту скулу в наборе. Листы не подходят.
И ребята восемь месяцев с ним бодаются. И, похоже, Брюс отморозился, присылать им новые листы.
Посмотрим, чем закончится.

"Lots of people have been asking about boat progress.. Sadly for everyone there hasn't been any! It's a long story, but the radius plates have become quite a sticky topic. We found in June last year that 8 of the 20 pre-shaped radius plates didn't fit properly. (all at the aft end of the boat.) It's been a bit to and fro with Bruce Roberts Europe about it. They have found source of the problem (their mistake in manufacture) but have not yet (after 8 months) provided us with replacements. The gaps in the plates were up to 135mm (over 5 inches) and we'd have to start again re-making them. It doesn't seem to us like there is going to be a resolution of this from them, so we're exploring options.

We'll make a video all about it at some point, but in the meantime we've been working to earn for the project and also making a few videos. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us and keeping us motivated, we're nearly at 6000 subscribers on Youtube now which is awesome! (Frame building video coming this week ?).
Will keep you updated!
Duncan and Chloe xx"



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А еще, они эту лодку собираются джонкой вооружить.